When planning an outdoor wedding always have a back up plan. Such as renting a tent or if the venue has a place to move inside in case the weather gets bad. Also couples need to take into consideration the time of the year that they are having their wedding. Spring and Fall are not bad for outdoor weddings and sometimes even early summer is not too bad. But lat July, August and early September I caution couples to watch the temperatures, especially if you are going to have grandma and grandpa’s at your wedding. Please make sure that you have a way for them to stay hydrated and out of the sun.

Another thing to watch for in the spring and summer months are the bugs. Make sure you have bug repellant or have someone come and spray ahead of time. The other thing to watch for with outdoor weddings are the fire ants, again make sure you have someone professionally spray to get rid of these little pests.

I think outdoor weddings can be very beautiful if you watch for bugs and the temperatures. I would love to get others opinions and advice about making outdoor weddings successful!!

Hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend!!!Outdoor Weddings Greenville, SC