Weddings should be how the couple would like it to be. If they prefer their day to be very traditional with the traditions such as not seeing each other the day of the wedding and traditional vows then that’s how it should be. But if a couple wants to mix tradition with a little more modern I see nothing wrong with that and they should do that. Vows can be customized to fit a couple or they can do the traditional…to have and to hold till death do us part. Couples need to relax more about their ceremonies and do them the way they feel relaxed. I encourage them to also write their own vows if they feel comfortable doing so.  Sometimes we get wrapped up in what our families expect and not what we want.                                                                    Pretty Place Wedding OfficiantWedding Officiant Greenville, SC 11 Wedding Officiant Greenville, SC 13Wedding Officiant Greenville, SC 14