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Marriage Licenses

You must obtain a Marriage License before any ceremony can be performed.

South Carolina Marriage Licenses

SC has a 24 hour waiting period. Since there is not an expiration date, I advise you to get the license a week or so prior to the ceremony to avoid any delays. If it is a short notice ceremony, just ask the clerk when you will be able to pick up the license. The issuing judge could be busy and delay the license a day or two.

You can get your license in any county. The website to view all the rules and the locations of the offices:

Greenville county:

North Carolina Marriage Licenses

Apply for your marriage license at the NC Register of Deeds office in the county where you are to be married. The license will be issued immediately and will be valid for up to 60 days. There is no state residency requirement and no blood tests are needed. Both applicants should appear at the Register of Deeds and must be 18 years old to be legally married.

Details may vary by county, so check with your local office before visiting. See the list below for what you will need to bring. Plan to arrive well before closing to allow enough time for marriage license processing, which might be 1-2 hours. In Meckenberg County, you can apply online.

Asheville register of Deeds website:

Georgia Marriage Licenses


Items you will need to bring:

If you have been previously married…

If you have been previously married, you will need to provide the date of the divorce and possibly a certified copy of the divorce decree. Check with your local office.

You are responsible for delivering the license to your officiant. He or she will complete the bottom portion of both copies and return it to the Register of Deeds within 10 days. To get a copy of your marriage license, complete a copy request form, which will cost $10. This form will come with your marriage license packet or you may find it on your local Register of Deeds website.

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