Wedding Officiant Greenville, SC 13 Good morning,

Today I am going to talk about having someone the day of your wedding to coordinate. I have brides to ask me do you suggest a wedding planner? I do if you want someone there to make sure that everything runs smooth and if you don’t feel you need a wedding planner at least hire a day of coordinator. This way you rehearsal goes off smooth and you have someone to key everyone when to walk. As an Offiiciant I can do it but it makes it very hard the day of the wedding to coordinate when I am standing front and center. If you worry about hiring someone that will do a great job just ask your Officiant who he or she would suggest.

Take that pressure off of yourself and your mom and hire a day of coordinator. Now some venues already have one so please ask before you do hire one because if they already have one. I highly suggest that you look into this at the beginning of your wedding because good coordinators book fast. I would love to hear some of your experiences with and without a coordinator?

Hope everyone has a great week,